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Medical Intervention in ADHD

ADHD is a condition where medical intervention is very crucial in improving the quality of life. A person with ADHD finds it very difficult to take a task to completion in spite of having a normal IQ.

Simple tasks like completing homework on time, sitting quietly at a place, often losing stationary, trouble waiting for their turn to answer in a conversation, makes careless mistakes in the day-to-day task. These are very common incidences with ADHD children. Imagine these kids growing up into adults without knowing that they have a neurological condition and they require medical attention to it.

These mistakes look very tiny when they are a kid but the same tiny mistakes can put their life and other’s life into trouble when they grow old and become independent. A very common example is the challenge of staying safe on the road while driving. Studies have shown that adults with ADHD have much higher rates of traffic violations and accidents.