Why Harsha

Why Harsha

Any upsetting news, sudden shock, untimely loss etc. puts us humans into a disbelief and denial mode before we make peace with the grief and start accepting things and situations as they are.

Same is the case with the first news of diagnosis of one’s child with ASD Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

As Kubler Ross curve tells and our field research validates those parents do go through a steep curve of denial, which then dips into frustration and depression before the journey of acceptance kicks in. In the process a considerable amount of time, sometimes in the range of years, goes away while parents try to cope through the gamut of the curve.

The added emotional turbulence in the form of societal pressure, constant peer comparison, varied opinions and advice, the dilemma of choosing treatment options all take their toll on the parents, resulting in hopelessness and withdrawal from normal social live.

Sometimes, it even pushes them to the extent of contemplating an extreme step. While the parent struggles through all these, the child misses out on due treatment and therapies for this entire period. THIS, defined the very need and purpose of Harsha.

We realized that a medical solution alone is not enough to improve the overall health and wellness of the children and the parents for certain medical conditions where etiology remains elusive.

The need of the hour is an ecosystem that provides integrated care, mindset revamp through increased awareness, non-judgemental listening and emotional support, motivation and mental strength to adhere to treatment protocol and thrive.

It is with this strong purpose and resolve that we have formed an ecosystem – Harsha from NutriNewron.

Harsha from NutriNewron is a pan India social responsibility ecosystem to guide, support and motivate parents of ASD & ADHD kids.
Harsha initiatives aim at empowering parents to be the primary interveners, and thrive to create better therapy success and wholesome life for the children while empowering themselves to live a fulfilling life.